Tips to Recruit and Retain the Best SNF Directors of Nursing

Leader. Lifelong learner. Top-notch clinician. All ideal qualities for a skilled nursing facility’s director of nursing (DON).

Finding – and keeping – a person with all those qualities is a daunting challenge.

“I can only tell you, DONs in the post-acute skilled nursing world are very rare and they’re a treasure,” said Nancy Schwalm, chief business development officer at Lakewood, Colorado-based Vivage Senior Living, which has skilled nursing facilities in Colorado and Missouri. “Many of our really strong nurses who choose to be a nurse and also to be a leader, they’re very rare.”

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What’s Hot in Kitchen and Bath Design

When clean, contemporary styles are edging out Tuscan country looks, practical convenience and comfort in kitchen and bath designs are top priorities among homeowners, a new survey shows.

After years of holding puse strings tit, people are more wiling to invest in their homes, according to 420 designers polled in the annual Design Tends Survey released by the National Kitchen and Bath Association at its 2014 KBIS event, a trade event that coincided with the International Builders Show in Las Vegas in early February.

“We’ve had a rough couple of years,” says Maria Stapperfenne, a designer for 22 years and manager of Tewksbury Kitchen and Baths, a division of Huston Lumber & Supply Co. in North Plainfield, N.J. “People have needed to allocate their funds to other items.”

Now, she and other designers see that changing.

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Bad Nights, Bad Health

A night of tossing and turning can ruin a day before it has begun. But a new study suggests that chronic sleep problems could ruin health in potentially lethal ways.

 There has always been a correlation between good health and good sleep. When dealing with a cold or flu, it’s normal to feel sleepy; the immune system is releasing chemicals and compounds to fight infection during sleep. What is less known is how sleep quality affects the immune system, said Dr. David Gozal, chairman of pediatrics at University of Chicago Comer Children’s Hospital.
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Brain Food

Fish oil is one of the most touted ingredients for good brain health, and a new study might provide some clues about how the substance relates to the health of one of the human body’s most mysterious organs.

Dr. William Harris, senior author of the study and scientist at Health Diagnostic Laboratory Inc., says that while there’s a “tremendous” volume of omega-3 fatty acids in the brain, the levels found in living brain tissue are impossible to measure. That’s why the study tested the level of fatty acids in red blood cells, since they provide a marker that’s easier for researchers to obtain.

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Mind Over Matter

Mind over matter is a difficult state to achieve, but according to a new study, meditation might provide some help in getting there.

Research from Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, suggests that 30 minutes of daily meditation may help alleviate the symptoms of anxiety, pain and depression. This six-month study, led by Johns Hopkins assistant professor Dr. Madhav Goyal, found that those suffering symptoms of anxiety and depression saw “a small but consistent benefit” after an eight-week week training program in mindfulness meditation.

The research found that this type of meditation, which focuses precise attention to the present moment, had a tangible effect on symptoms of anxiety and depression, especially those associated with a clinical medical condition.

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5 Household Items That Are Getting (Much) Smarter

The 2014 Consumer Electronics Show brought the future to the present with buzzy gadgets like 3-D printers and technological marvels like automobile traffic-light assist.

However, some of the best devices featured upgrades to everyday items. Using mobile access and data sharing in unique ways, these updated household items are designed to make your life easier.

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